Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) "Manager" Certifications


Concurrent Enterprising = Operational Risk Management + Value Chain Management +
Decentralized Autonomous Organization / Tokenization of Digital Assets

Our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) / Tokenization Manager, Lead Manager and Senior Lead Manager certifications help DAO professionals to transform their companies and their careers by enabling them to orchestrate, architect, deploy and lead well-structured and well thought out Value Chain Management (VCM) program initiatives. DAO / Tokenization processes, along with ORM and VCM processes act as an over-arching governance function for the reengineering of Design Chains, Supply Chains, Procure-To-Pay and Order-To-Cash processes which employ Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ledgers and "smart contracts".

After their certifications are in place, your DAO business leaders will have the appropriate foundational understanding to employ the BreakPoint Business Process Reengineering methodology and approaches needed to accelerate your firm's progression through the process levels of the DAO / Tokenization Maturity Model.

In essence, we help your firm to answer the question, “Now that my firm has certified DAO Managers, DAO Lead Managers and DAO Senior Lead Managers, working on staff, now what?"

DAO Maturity Model accelerators leverage collaborative “Concurrent Enterprising” processes. At the highest maturity model level, we orchestrate peer-to-peer collaboration; Shared Industry Intelligence (SII) and Industry Benchmarking (IB) where companies work collaboratively to better understand and deal with the critical Cyber Threats, Risks and Losses (RTL) and all aspects of aggregated KPI and KRI data needed for DAO industry benchmarking purposes. They do this to reduce the costs of DAO fortress infrastructures and the tokenization of digital assets to increase overall business safety, resilience and throughput.

⁠The DAO / Tokenization pillar includes these topics, use cases and applications:

  • DAO / Tokenization community ecosystem; Issuers, Investors, Exchanges / ATS's, Custodians / Banks, Transfer Agents, Legal and Judicial Guru's, Regulators, Internal and External Audit, GRC Guru's, and others!
  • Programmable securities and "Smart Contracts"
  • ⁠Regulatory-compliant digital assets
  • Tokenized institutional market infrastructure
  • Tokenized Primary Venture Offerings with our M&A audit and Control Self-Assessments
  • XDEX regulated digital assets which span securities and other asset classes
  • Blockchain consensus models
  • Blockchain Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) consensus protocols
  • Broker / Dealer support
  • Accounting, Audit, Compliance support

The Bottom Lines:

⁠1. Blockchain will do for financial transactions what the internet did for information.

⁠2. Blockchain will do for governance what the internet did for communication.

Michael Hiles quote; "We automate the function of trust, itself, because of the immutable nature of mathematically-verifiable blockchain transactions".