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Welcome to BreakPoint Consortium Blockchain and BreakPoint University. We are formally known as:

  • The American Association of Value Chain Organizations
  • The Canadian Association of Value Chain Organizations
  • The International Association of Value Chain Organizations***

    *** Note: We will be adding new countries as our membership population warrants it.

The Global Associations of Value Chain Organizationsalso known as the BreakPoint Consortium Blockchain is a for-profit, membership-based professional association dedicated to the pursuit of 2nd generation Concurrent Enterprising (CE) which spans collaborative practices and processes needed to to achieve sustainable competitive advantage with blockchain-enabled value chains. All industries can benefit, greatly, from our BreakPoint Business Process Reengineering Methods, Tools and Training (MTT)!

⁠Through our 3 pillared BreakPoint member journey, your firm can pursue and sustain a high performance Concurrent Enterprising program initiative to enable your operational processes for rapid change and flexibility along with a quantum leap in end-to-end value chain security.

Our member guarantee is to help you to AVOID the paving of your cow paths!

⁠What's a BreakPoint?

BreakPoint CE consists of advanced collaboration approaches. For instance, CE policy and acumen guides industry peers to work collaboratively to pursue Shared Industry Intelligence (SII) and Industry Benchmarking (IB) projects and programs. This allows them to significantly increase security, Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) maturity and value chain knowledge.

CE business transformations are underpinned by automated capabilities such as Business Process and Rule Management (BR/PM) which are needed to defend value chains and position them for BreakPoint business transformations. These reengineered value chains, in turn, lead to market dominance, if a BreakPoint, can be identified.

⁠ Ultimately, CE business initiatives are the best opportunity for business transformations because they help Member firms to learn faster than the competition. This is why CE program initiatives offer the best form of sustainable competitive advantage!

Currently, we have American, Canadian and International community segments. We serve the banking, financial services, discrete manfacturing, process manufacturing and many other industry verticals which understand the industry mandate to ramp team certifications for Operational Risk Management (ORM), Value Chain Management (VCM) and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) / Tokenization  process automation operations. Our BreakPoint Consortium Blockchain ecosystem can all leverage our BreakPoint enterprise transformation Methods, Tools and Training needed to create significant shareholder value.

Our Mantra: Mobilize for Value Chain Gold!

The 3 Pillars of Concurrent Enterprising

Our Member firms pursue their Concurrent Enterprising (CE) transformations by tapping into our three solution domains which serve as the pillars of enterprise and extraprise (i.e. value chain) integration:

1. Operational Risk Management (ORM)

2. Value Chain Management (VCM)

3. Tokenization / Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Why We Are Unique

What makes the BreakPoint Consortium Blockchain approach unique is our focus on peer-based collaboration, which we champion, in order to address "Concurrent Enterprising" and "Enterprise Latency" challenges. This is where companies need to accelerate their Time-To-Market (TTM) and Time-To-Volume (TTV) process cycle times across complex and global value chain networks.

Our Shared Industry Intelligence (SII) and Industry Benchmarking (IB) program initiatives stand out as leading-edge approaches for enabling Member firms to drive down the costs of value chain operations, while reaping major returns; operationally and financially.

Strategic Shareholder Value is Everything!

In essence, we help Member firms to make quantum leaps in value creation by ratcheting up enterprise security and mobilizing global value chain infrastructures. This level of Budiness Reengineering (BPR) enablement allows our Member firms to create significant shareholder value through monumental increases across security, quality, service, cost and timeliness categories. We refer to these increases as "value chain gold" which connote the Returns On Investment (ROI) and Return on Assets (ROA) that Member firms realize from operational improvements and financial returns.


Our Global Associations grew out of the need to address the high cost of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) projects and programs. This is possible with the development and organization of our leading-edge BreakPoint Consortium Blockchain along with our world-class Enterprise Nervous System (ENS) consisting of dynamic, real-time infrastructure consisting of Business Rule / Process Management (BR/PM) automation and workflow capabilities. Our blockchain networks enable Continous Controls Monitoring (CCM) and Continous Auditing (CA) while carrying out Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Value Chain Management / Lean measures and analytics.


Our BreakPoint Value Chain Management™ moniker arose out of the book "Business Process Engineering; BreakPoint Strategies for Market Dominance". This leading-edge BPR book was written by the original Coopers & Lybrand LLP BPR team and PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP; Henry J. Johansson, Patrick McHugh, A. John Pendlebury and William A. Wheeler III.

Our BreakPoint BPR Transformation Process

1.) Educate – We educate Member firms on open standards needed to accelerate their transformation progress.

2.) Certify – We certify professionals and Member firms across an array of disciplines such as Cybersecurity and Operational Risk Management.

3.) Audit – We provide Member firms with audit guidance on the internal controls and best practice disciplines which address Concurrent Enterprising and Enterprise Latency challenges.

4.) Enable – We enable Member firms with products and services which can be purchased at significant discounts when Member firms team with each other in their industry tribe; i.e. “Industry Clusters”.

5.) Transform – We help Member firms to transform the enterprise by deploying peer-based collaboration in the two key areas; Shared Industry Intelligence (SII) and (IB)

6.) Sustain – We help Member firms to sustain the enterprise transformations by employing community, partner and workforce incentives of Pay-For-Performance (PFP) and Pay-For-Knowledge (PFK). These programs help Member firms to continue to uncover and identify BreakPoints for market dominance.

Why Join
Based in Boston, Massachusetts USA with affiliates around the globe, The Global Associations serve as a global thought leader, recognized authority and principal educator for Member firms and professionals across the financial operations, banking, discrete manufacturers, process manufacturers and all other industries which understand the mission-critical importance of Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO), Tokenization, Value Chain Management (VCM) and the overarching dimension of Operational Risk Management (ORM). Our Members share the common understanding that Concurrent Enterprising ("CE") is the core foundation in order to accelerate process automation and improvement in the new blockchain / tokenization ecosystems which ALL industries share from both survival and competitive perspectives. Banking, Financial Services and Manufacturing industries are early adopters.

The Global Associations has a community of nearly 20,000, which includes members, customers, and an additional 30,000 financial, manufacturing and Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) operations and process automation professionals. Members have access to “Industry Cluster” communities, or Tribes, which share similar business models and NAICS codes (i.e. The North American Industry Classification System).

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  • Operational Risk Auditor Certification
  • Operational Risk Senior Lead Manager Certification
  • Operational Risk Lead Manager Certification
  • Operational Risk Manager Certification
  • Operational Risk Management Foundation Certification
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Business Process Mining