Concurrent Enterprising (CE) Manager Certifications


Concurrent Enterprising = Operational Risk Management + Value Chain Management +
Decentralized Autonomous Organization / Tokenization of Digital Assets

Our world-class Concurrent Enterprising (CE) Manager certifications of CE Manager, CE Lead Manager and CE Senior Lead Manager signal to industry peers that you have reached the “Sherpa” pinnacle of achievement in orchestrating, architecting and deploying modern BreakPoint Business Process Reengineering and Enterprise Transformations. The BreakPoint methodology provides the necessary understanding needed to act as a CE Sherpa leader, mentor and transformational change agent in order to:

1.) Identify BreakPoint strategies for market dominance

2.) Tackle the mobilization and deployment of Concurrent Enterprising (“CE”) business ventures

Our BreakPoint Sherpa Managers possess the CE thought-leadership, “know-how” and skill sets needed to catalyze, infuse and integrate ORM, VCM and DAO architectures with legacy systems. In essence, the skills and capabilities provided by an investment in a CE Manager certification will be rewarded with real-world decision-making skill sets for critical thinking across the three dimensions of CE; Value Chain Management, Operational Risk Management and DAO / Tokenization Management.