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We mobilize 2nd generation "Concurrent Enterprising" consisting of Operational Risk Managemement (ORM), Value Chain Management (VCM) and Defi, Smart Contract, Token theory, practice and process execution.

⁠We set the global standard for secure blockchain-enabled work practice and process excellence which define today's era of Concurrent Enterprising!


Our trade association mission is to guide members through the three stages of Concurrent Enterprising: 1. Operational Risk Management (ORM), 2. Value Chain Management (VCM) and 3. DeFi, Tokenization and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Work Practices and Process Excellence. We achieve this through our Audit, Enablement and Maturity Model measurement techniques which accelerate business throughput across Member firms' global value chains. 

We serve both Service-centric firms, such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, as well as Product-centric firms such as discrete and process manufacturers.


3 Member Communities 

American Association
Value Chain Organizations

Canadian Association
Value Chain Organizations

International Association
Value Chain Organizations

Operational Risk Management

"The new certifications of
ORM Manager and ORM Lead Manager
are transforming industry and
ORM professionals' careers,
in parallel."

Risk Culture

The objective of building a
risk management culture
and managing ORM Manager
and Lead Manager Certifications
is to support
the achievement
of long-term strategic goals.

What Our Members Are Saying!

Concurrent Enterprising

In order to attain the highest levels
of the ORM maturity model, you
must collaborate with industry
peers to benchmark KPI's and KRI's.
This is called "Concurrent Enterprising".

Shared Industry Intelligence

The collaboration processes which
we use as an "Industry Cluster",
help our community
to drive
the costs of cybersecuity
and ORM in a 
way that we can't achieve on our own. 

- Pantheon of Best Practices -⁠

Operational Risk Management (ORM), Value Chain Management (VCM),
Smart Contract and Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) Tokenization

Concurrent Enterprising

"Enterprise Latency" in banking and financial services is a major challenge as well as in most other industries. Concurrency becomes a key factor for competitiveness because it integrates new ways of working.

Operational Risk Management

ORM Manager and ORM Lead Manager certifications are transforming both the ORM function and ORM-related careers. We will educate and certify you for the new era of ORM best practices in banking and financial services / fintech.

Lean Management

⁠⁠Value Chain Management and the Lean Management philosophies are changing the banking and financial services sector like never before.... they're real, transformative        game-changers.

⁠Business Rule / Process Automation

⁠⁠No matter whether your firm is a service-centric organization or a product manufacturer, your processes need our BreakPoint technology!

Value Chain Mapping

⁠⁠If your firm has not yet worked through the task of mapping your value chain processes, then you have a world of untapped process improvement to tap into.

Continuous Process Improvement

By accessing "Peer Average" and "Best-In-Class" performance data, your workforce will now be able to determine just how well you're actually performing, rather than how well you believe you're performing.

It's All About Your ORM Maturity Model Acceleration!

When you join our BreakPoint Consortium Blockchain, we help your ORM staff to get their ORM certifications.

Your ORM team is then matched with "Industry "Peers" in what we call an "Industry Cluster".

An Industry Cluster enables your firm to get started with Shared Industry Intelligence (SII) where community members exchange Risk, Cyber Threat, Tokenization and Operational Loss data in a secure and non-jeopardizing way. 

This represents a BreakPoint event for your risk management culture and ORM Maturity Model acceleration!

Why Join Us? To get your ORM Certification Training and then...

Here are the Top 4 Member Services that ORM professionals can take advantage of...


Shared Industry Intelligence
changes how we approach the combined ORM, VCM and Tokenization
 Maturity Models.


ORM, VCM and Tokenization
Industry Benchmarking
signals a breakpoint in
transforming your firm's
risk management culture.

Consortium Blockchain

Members are provided 
with Maturity Model
accelerators to address Concurrent Enterprising and token-based value chain ventures.

Certification Courses

We are are the only trade association which helps you to
achieve an ORM Manager certification and show you how to accelerate your progress up the ORM Maturity Model.


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